2020 Fall Registration

Nordonia Soccer Parents,

Welcome to NHSA. We hope to challenge your child this Fall and focus on the fundamentals necessary for your child to exceed their soccer goals, meet new friends, compete, and have fun!
At the time of the creation of this Fall NHSA registration, soccer had not been approved to play actual games.  On  August 2nd, OHTSL pushed the first possible game back to September 13th.  OHTSL decided that if soccer was still not cleared to play, they would push back to the first week of October and we would play 4-6 games.   This caused NHSA to have to retool the registration a bit.  Soccer practice, including actual scrimmaging within the program, has been allowed since the end of May.  This has not been mentioned to change, so we will start practicing on August 10th.  The cost of the registration will be $50 and this entry is non-refundable.  This will cover our cost of ordering player cards for all participants.  This will also cover the coaching cards and the cost of fields and any other miscellaneous items (field paint, training materials, etc.).   When a determination on when or if there will be games, a second registration will be required.  This will cover the cost of games, depending on the number of games that are scheduled.  The expectation is that we will hopefully get at least 4 games, at which the “game” portion of the registration will be $50 (6 games would be $75).  So what if you registered already for the full $125? I would ask that you allow us to hold onto it until we know what the decision that is made.  Once a decision is made, we can give the appropriate refund back.  We ask this because Teamsnap does not have an option for refunding all or a batch of registrations.  All refunds need to be manually done.  If you would like the $75 returned, we understand and we will process those refunds manually.
Dates: August 10th through late October.  We will practice on Monday and Wednesday.  As long as we are not playing games, we will be holding a third “practice” on Sundays that will be of game type action.  It will resemble game time action while competing within our organization.  I know this is not ideal and trust me, I would much rather go and beat another community, but in today’s environment, that might not be an option.  Our hope is to offer our young players an opportunity to play soccer.  It is very likely that if we are not permitted to play Fall OUTDOOR soccer, there is little to no chance that we will be able to play any kind of Winter soccer.  Which is terrible to think about.  In order to keep pace with neighboring communities, we have to try and get whatever we can out of this fall.  We believe the plan that is in place is not only fair, but will also allow our young players to continue to grow within the sport they love.
Uniforms: We are advising parents to try and just make it through the fall with what you have.  The reason is we will be switching uniform kits after the fall session is complete.  Adidas switches out their models every 2 years and we are at the end of the cycle for our current uniforms.  So in an attempt to save families money, we are recommending to not make any purchases.  If you don’t mind that we will be switching, that is great, we just want to be sure that parents understand that the uniforms will be changing.
Thank you for your participation and we look forward to the opportunity to witness your child's growth in soccer this Fall.  We realize it is not the normal session plan, but is there really a normal these days.  Let’s just try and push through and have some sort of normalcy for a few months in a safe environment.  One day, hopefully soon, we will be back to normal and we will look back and wonder how we got through it.

As is always the case, please feel free to reach out to Mat or myself at any point with any questions or concerns. I can be reached by email at "NordoniaKnightSoccer@outlook.com".  Look forward to seeing all of your very soon!



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Longwood YMCA

Introduce soccer to our future Nordonia Knights


NHSA Travel Soccer strives to build soccer skills and awareness in the community by focusing on FUNdamentals, friendship, and sportsmanship.

Nordonia High School

Support our young adults that have worked hard during their Nordonia Soccer Community experiences.

NHSA Skills Development


NHSA Skills Development

"Success isn't always about greatness.  It's about consistency.  Consistent hard work leads to success.  Greatness will come."  (Dwayne Johnson)

In an effort to continue to help our young players grow, we are introducing a Skills Development program to challenge your children to become better players.  Although our team of volunteers try their best to provide our players the tools to gain a solid grasp of the game, to become great, the players have to take ownership of their love of the game.  This initiative will hopefully drive that thought process and give those players that are eager to push their limits of the game an opportunity for direction while challenging them.

To begin the process of challenging your child's soccer skills, click on the "Learn More" button below, to be redirected to a Google Drive PDF of our Skills Development document.

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