Spring Registration - Outdoor Soccer

Nordonia Soccer Community,

Welcome to NHSA. We hope to challenge your child this Spring and focus on the fundamentals necessary for your child to exceed their soccer goals, meet new friends, compete, and have fun!

- Dates -

As players are registered for Spring, available practice schedules will be provided via TeamSnap. This is our first-time opening registration for Spring by early February. NHSA has an indoor practice facility available in March, so we plan to practice for outdoor registrations by the start of March. Practices will be on Saturday at the indoor location. Outdoor practice locations are still TBD but will be communicated as the session nears. As in the past, games normally will be on Sunday and 2 practices per week (likely on Monday & Wednesday). See TeamSnap schedule for details after you have been registered and added to the roster. If you have not been added to a roster within a week of registering, please reach out to NordoniaKnightSoccer@Outlook.com

- Registration Cost -

$185 per child for the session. This price does not include uniforms or any tournaments your team may decide to participate in during the spring session.

- GotSport Registration -

In order to play in the Ohio Travel Soccer League (OHTSL), your child must be registered using GotSport. This is a strict league requirement, and no player can play without being registered (properly carded). As the parent/guardian, you must provide the information that is required for your child to play. We will support you with this process if questions arise, but ultimately, this responsibility lies in your hands. This means player must be carded correctly, including a photo on their card. If a player does not have a valid card, including photo, they will not be permitted to play. This is NOT an NHSA rule, this is a league rule and coaches, players and board members are subject to penalties if not followed. DONT WAIT ON THIS, START NOW! Registrations MUST be done before a player can play in a game, so I would start on this ASAP. Once your child is registered with NHSA, the gotsports link will be sent to you. Below are some helpful articles about registering your child.

Links to registering through GotSport.

1. How to register my child for a program

2. Here are the steps to complete the uploading of your child’s birth certificate:

3. Upload child’s photo, this is for carding and is required to play. Uploading Photo to Player Profile link:

- Uniforms -
As stated above, uniform costs are not covered by the registration fee. We are still hammering out details for the spring soccer kit, but once we have that completed, we will send information out to all registered families.

Our typical vendor for our soccer apparel is Soccer Village. Uniforms, NHSA Swag, and many other soccer needs are available within this resource. We can also shop in store by visiting Soccer Village in person at 1265 Som Center Rd, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124.

We expect participants to play with the provided kits. When the time comes to order the uniform, players are required to have a number for their jersey. The uniform numbers are NOT maintained by Soccer Village. Any active player that has played with us over the past year and had a uniform ordered from Soccer Village will have that player’s uniform number. To view available uniform numbers, go to: Uniform Number Availability
- Volunteers -

To complete NHSA's Registration, it is now required that you choose a volunteer activity that you would be most interested to participate in, if the program was in need of assistance within those areas. It's been noted before, but this program is run entirely by volunteers. It is possible for volunteers to earn credit towards their soccer dues, so if you are interested in helping and potentially reducing your soccer cost, please email NHSA at NordoniaKnightSoccer@Outlook.com. No one within the organization is paid to complete any services. In some instances, there will be work contracted out to be completed but is long term work that requires board approval.

Board Positions Available:

Field Director: This position verifies that fields are lined and maintained for upcoming games. This member will not have any soccer dues for their child.

Team Manager: For those that are interested in volunteering at a team level, there is an opportunity to have $100 credit for any parent that agrees and is appointed to be a Team Manager. The person filling this role helps to administer and facilitate team activities, processes, and communications. This opportunity has increased the efficiency of each team, so thank you to all of you that have and will volunteer. We will continue to lean on our great soccer community to help with this program. Examples of these types of responsibilities included (note these are just examples):

  • Gathering signatures for tournaments
  • Reminding parents of upcoming events and setting TeamSnap availability
  • Advocate for the organization.
  • Take and collect pictures and videos from parents and post on social media
  • Generally being the point of contact for all things soccer for that team

- Tournaments -
The tournaments this spring will likely be based by team availability. Teams will decide on which tournaments they would like to participate in, and they will work with NHSA board members to ensure they provide all necessary registration information.

- THANK YOU !! -
Thank you for your participation and we look forward to the opportunity to witness your child's growth in soccer this Spring. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at NordoniaKnightSoccer@outlook.com.


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Nordonia Soccer Community Portal

Longwood YMCA

Introduce soccer to our future Nordonia Knights


NHSA Travel Soccer strives to build soccer skills and awareness in the community by focusing on FUNdamentals, friendship, and sportsmanship.

Nordonia High School

Support our young adults that have worked hard during their Nordonia Soccer Community experiences.

NHSA Skills Development


NHSA Skills Development

"Success isn't always about greatness.  It's about consistency.  Consistent hard work leads to success.  Greatness will come."  (Dwayne Johnson)

In an effort to continue to help our young players grow, we are introducing a Skills Development program to challenge your children to become better players.  Although our team of volunteers try their best to provide our players the tools to gain a solid grasp of the game, to become great, the players have to take ownership of their love of the game.  This initiative will hopefully drive that thought process and give those players that are eager to push their limits of the game an opportunity for direction while challenging them.

To begin the process of challenging your child's soccer skills, click on the "Learn More" button below, to be redirected to a Google Drive PDF of our Skills Development document.

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