Whether looking to add to your Nordonia Spirit Wear or needing to replace those old stinky soccer socks, we have you covered.  This page will serve as a reference to Soccer Village's Nordonia Soccer page.  To navigate to Soccer Village's NHSA Home page, please click on the link below for SoccerVillage site instructions:

We will continue to handle the Uniform numbering process internally.  Soccer Village is not responsible for having the incorrect number printed, so it is important to verify the number that is assigned to our uniform.  Please verify with your team manager or Damon Ninham when having a uniform number assigned to your order.  Soccer Village has been provided all of our numbers that have been assigned in the past.  If the name of the person ordering does not match what was provided, you will be requested to reach out to NHSA for a number to be assigned.

Store Information:

Soccer Village Customer Service is available Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm. Online ordering is available 24/7. Currently Soccer Village is only available online.  Although they do have stores in other areas of Ohio.  Their storefront will be located in Chagrin but has been delayed due to COVID. In lieu of no actual local store front, Soccer Village has provided us with some assistance on shipping as well as NHSA supplementing some of the cost of the new uniform kits.

Phone: 1-800-483-2690

Customer Service Contact:  Adam Eckart
Email: adam@soccervillage.com