The Nordonia Soccer Community has multiple layers of opportunities within our environment.  These opportunities are based on age of the player and skill/experience that player displays within “placement” events.  Nordonia Soccer Community is made up of 4 different entities, these are listed below with a brief explanation of each:

  • Longwood YMCA – This level of play is our community’s entry point for soccer.  This program consists of players ages 3-6 (depending on skill set).  These players are introduced to the game of soccer and provided the fundamentals of soccer.
  • Macedonia Recreation Center – The Rec (or also referred to as “SRSL”) level of play is an intermediate level of soccer for players ages ranging from 6-10 (depending on skill set).  The Rec does offer teams that are older than 10 for those that are beginning their soccer experience or are playing more for a social experience.  This level of play also serves as an entry point to some of the players that had not been introduced to soccer via the Longwood YMCA level of play.  Individuals within this environment will continue to grow their fundamentals and begin a local travel level of play.  Travel is typically limited to less than 25 minutes from Macedonia.  Teams play local SRSL programs, providing the opportunity for a more formal style of play.  Depending on the skillset and soccer IQ, players may move out of this area early to be more challenged at the Travel level (NHSA).
  • NHSA (Nordonia Hills Soccer Association) – NHSA is the “Travel” level of play.  Players here range in age from 7-15.  These players have participated in “placement” events and have been accepted into the program.  These players will be expected to continue to work on mastering their fundamentals while being introduced to more difficult aspects of the game.  The goal of NHSA is to provide an environment for the player to become even more passionate about the game of soccer while prepping them to play soccer at the High School level.
  • Nordonia High School Soccer – This one is self explanatory.  The goal would be to have the previous levels of play, prepare the player to represent our community at the High School level.